Marketing Bring on the Traffic




Marketing is a process that involves multiple steps and methods. At Webrun Group we advise you of all the different online marketing techniques from AdWords™ to social marketing, making sure it fits your budget and helps you grow. By running Analytics we can optimize your existing site for search engines so that you can be seen for what you do. Optionally we create a new website that runs parallel to your existing site with 50% of the traffic directed there to see which site entices users to stay on your site longer.

When you use online marketing to drive customers to your website you instantly see the results. You will find that proper marketing will drive your sales, traffic and brand awareness.

We cater to the unique marketing needs of our clients and business partners located within the Greater Toronto area,  Our marketing services include:

Analytics and monitoring – Upon its full application on a client’s site, it can be the gateway towards solving issues, glitches and monitoring web performance. This ensures that your web is functioning at its best while details being gathered which may be of use to business decision making and forecasts.

Corporate identity – This focuses on company image as reflected by the client’s website. It comprises a motto, symbol, mission, vision, and identifying hues.

Search engine marketing – This service results to an increased traffic to the client’s website. Increased traffic increases a company’s chance to improve its sales.

Social media – Webrun Group creates the clients’ account at their chosen social media site complete with an eye-catching banner and company profile picture. And it does not end there. They also keep your page active with scheduled postings and articles.

Social marketing – This is one of Webrun Group’s specialized service which enables clients to advertise directly to their target market niche. This service also provides a way to know a client’s specific niche based on the feedback and inquiries received.

Once you are ready to explore what marketing can do for you, contact us for a free consultation and we will be more than happy to guide you.


When advertising or marketing online you will need to make a small initial investment, but that investment returns to you very fast. As more customers become aware of your presence you will find that word of mouth begins to take off and you’ll turn your small or medium size business into a full scale enterprise.