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Webrun Group places value on social media networking as it provides the best vehicle to give the potential market a reason why they must buy from a company through its social media marketing. After all, people nowadays buy after checking companies online with the use of search engines. Hence, with social media, companies need not to sell or pull prospective buyers from social media networking into the sales funnel of the company. Instead, interested buyers enter a company’s sales channel through social media marketing. However, it is the company’s social media image, coupled with an effective social media marketing strategy, which brings in the sales. And this is where you need the assistance of Webrun if you are located in the GTA!

For the last decade, social media had been a powerful tool to unite people all over the world. This had been pronounced for long lost relatives and school mates who had lost touch of each other for 20 years or so. Due to this, millions of people across the world log in to social media sites almost every day just to be socially updated.

With the use of this tool, Webrun Group offers unique services to all its prospective clients worldwide, and more especially to businesses within the Greater Toronto area, where they are strategically located. They create accounts and keep it active based on the specifications of their clients.


You’ve seen your kids or friends, they get home at the end of the day and jump on Facebook or Twitter, throughout the day they are on their phone checking Facebook or Twitter.

Wouldn’t it make sense to have your business on these social networks?

Companies that are have an appearance on social media attract even more customers and can also get customer feedback. When creating a social media page or account it is important to create your business page or account properly so that people can find your business.

We have a vast knowledge in creating business social media marketing accounts that make sure people can find you. Using the pages we create for you, you can advertise new products or offer promotions to your loyal followers. Social media networking is the latest trend in advertising with a subtle touch. It is different from social media marketing though both are related and work complimentary to each other.

Social media networking means visibility of content and at its purest form will rarely result to sales. Webrun Group doesn’t just create your account, we load it up with a cool banner and profile picture and you can even have us keep your page active for you by posting comments/articles on a schedule! Contact us to get full details about all of our social media services.

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