Search Engine Optimization Can People Find you?


Let us face it. When we want to check something on the web, we simply type a word or two and press the “Search” button. In a second, the computer shows you the first page of the related search result together with how many pages there are with the keywords you typed. Do you honestly go through page two and the other succeeding pages when searching through the web? That never happens…You automatically scan the choices on the first page and among them, you choose which to open.

Being on the first page of the search result is what SEO is all about.

When someone goes to Google and types in “Emergency Glass Repair” approximately 7.5 million results are returned. If you repair glass and you land on the 10th or even 5th page chances are your going unseen. Introducing Webrun’s Search Engine Optimization Service. Search engine optimization involves many different factors that come together to determine where you are placed on search engines result page.

To be able to entice more people to visit your website, it must be among those found on the first page of the search result. Considering the competition worldwide, this sure is tough. Businesses located at the Greater Toronto area do not have this much problem. The Webrun Group is always there for them to make sure they get the most prominent positions in search engines.

It is their personal commitment to give their clients maximum search engine exposure. And their technical experts do not content themselves in servicing their clients excellently. They also give free consultations and would be happy to accommodate anyone who would visit them at their office for their queries. Please feel free to contact us at your most convenient time.

This process can be a mystery to many people, but when you have performed the process for over 10 years, you understand how to tweak web sites in order to get them to the top of every search results page. Webrun Group uses a diligent process in which we analyse and dissect every page and section of a web page.

Once we have gone through the entire site we begin our work externally, first indexing your site on major and not so major search engines, following their specifications and processes to ensure your site gets to where it deserves to be.


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