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Maintenance & Support is vital! Websites require as much attention as a physical store or location. If they don’t get updated or errors don’t get fixed, people will notice! Prevent losing clients by regularly maintaining your website and make sure that errors are fixed in a timely manner. Keeping the gears spinning will keep customers coming, and we can oil those gears and keep them shiny. Companies located within the Greater Toronto area do not need to worry about their company’s website’s maintenance and support needs.  Webrun will always be on reach for such problems on top of the many other services they offer, we will take care of the nitty-gritty task of checking on your website daily.



At Webrun, we do not just ensure the fluidity of your website programming, but ensure propriety and updating of your content.  We also ensure that your company is easily viewed with the use of the Search Engine Optimization.  Foremost of all, we seek that your website depicts the correct image of your company.  Just as physical stores located in highly populated areas, such as malls and business commercial districts, are required to have a renovation after every five years, so do websites require the same kind of maintenance. Keeping up with the times requires a consistent flow of trendy ideas that require superior knowledge and training.  And that is what our staff at Webrun take pride in.  We just never run out of ideas to make our client’s dreams and ideals visible on their website.  To ensure consistency, we diligently maintain and support websites on a daily basis.



Webrun Group currently monitors and updates hundreds of web sites, from e-commerce solutions to websites made through content management systems. We check every one of our websites every day to make sure that everything is running smoothly, links are all valid, there are no spelling or grammar mistakes and everything is up-to-date, ask us how we keep everything in the green for more information.

If you have a website preforming poorly, don’t lose hope, contact us and we’ll revive your site with more traffic and rank than ever before. We can also fix other developers mistakes, if your site was ruined let us take a look and we can provide you the best option to fix it (fix or rebuild).

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