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For over 10 years Webrun Group has been delivering hi-quality custom web applications that mid-large organizations continue to use flawlessly. We work directly with you when creating your custom web applications to make sure that all the requirements are met. As we build custom applications we stay in contact with you at all times so you know where we are in the development process! We have built many large scale web applications that handle many users, payment processing and a wide scope.



Our Proccess

We meet with you in order to see the requirements of your application. If you want to create a solution to a problem in your field, we analyze the problem and the solutions you have come up with. If you do not have a plan that’s ready for action but instead need an application that solves a problem. We can present to you ideas and ways you can use applications to solve those problems.

Preliminary design and planning begin at this phase. We use our experience and knowledge to create a plan with milestones and goals. We find a framework that would suit your application well, allowing it to preform as smoothly as possible with maximum user access in mind.

We begin working on back-end development. Using the highest standards and as much functionality as discussed we create a skeleton that can stand on its own.

Once we finish creating the skeleton we begin to splash on some design! We use proven tactics to increase application usage, provide more access through less clicks and make sure the application is as user friendly as possible.


Once we deliver the final application to you it will be ready for use. We enter a stage of final user and quality testing. This phase is usually referred to as “beta”, and is required in order to ensure everything runs smoothly and as planned.

Webrun Group doesn’t stop there, we continue to analyze the application and record its behavior in order to ensure long term usability. We provide premiere 24/7 support for all our applications to make sure that downtime never becomes an issue. Not convinced that Webrun Group is the right company for your application?

Call us and ask to see some of the applications we have designed. We can show you how empowered other organizations have become and continue to be through our applications.



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