About Webrun About Us!

Webrun Group Inc. was founded by Maziar Masoudi in 2001 to satiate his passion for creating innovative and unique websites. Since then, the company has taken much pride in the quality and effectiveness of the service they constantly give to their valued and distinguished clientele in the Greater Toronto area. Webrun Group employes many on-site and freelance developers and designers while still installing passion and pride in every project taken on. We also accommodate to the demands of our ever increasing clientele by using communication in our team of experts in order to meet your specified requirements. It is our company’s vision to be a reliable and dependable business partner of yours and or your business.

Webrun is a full-service web solution company.

We provide your business with the tools to not only migrate to the web, but to grow on it. At Webrun, we believe in producing products and solutions that work for you and your business. We can appreciate your company’s uniqueness and the way in which you do business in your field. 

Finding a design company to produce a commercial web site is becoming increasingly important in the minds of those responsible for the effective marketing of a business, industry or service.


Do You You Want To…

Impress existing clients?

Attract new ones?

Present the right image?

Offer ease of navigation and present your product or service in a way that retains people’s interest?

WEBRUN Group can provide you with such a website. We take pride in the quality and effectiveness of our work. A good website is far more than a few clever effects and technical wizardry. It’s about keeping things simple but strongly focused, stylized but with a clear ‘message’, colourful but not distracting, effective yet affordable.

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