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Technology in Your Child’s Development – Blessing or a Curse

True that technology has made our lives easier and far more comfortable. But now we have to stop and take a good look at our surroundings and examine the role of technology in our children’s lives. Are they exposed t too much of it? It is very easy to see children getting addicted to computer games, pornography, social media and other fearful places. It is said that every creation of technology has bright side and a dark side. It is a very important knowledge for every parent what his kids are being affected by. So let us look at the great benefits of technology and then the even greater danger they are getting exposed to:


  • If not technology, long distance communication would not exist. Kids today can talk to friends and family when they want and where they want.
  • Teaches cause and effect – Kids today can explore diverse and vast fields of knowledge from the safety of their home where they do not need to participate practically.
  • Kids today have the chance of getting their hands in many instruments like buttons, mouse and keyboards which develops their response time and hand to eye co ordinations.
  • Research showed that Technologies can support home learning in various ways.
  •  Operational learning – By handling deferent technologies kids today can become much more independent and self-confident.
  • Extending Knowledge – Kids can find out about almost every general thing from the interment and they do not have to be restricted by the books they have.
  • Disposition to learn – having access to vast array of knowledge and independent learning they develop a natural curiosity to learn as well.
  • The role of technology in everyday life – as technology aids out day to day activities tremendously, kids can easily learn about them and contribute to those activities, for example communicating with relatives.


  • In 2010, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warned that technology might harm the social and cognitive skills of the kids.
  • It is believed that learning toys aids in learning. But in truth while it makes them interested to learn for a short while in the beginning then they get bored with these toys, tools or software.
  • Many operational problems can be solved my computer programs which may dampen their innovation and creativity and make them dependent to easy solutions.
  • Technological activities can never replace a human interaction but now days it is being used as such. It can make a child devoid of human company.
  • Can make kids violent by violent music and video games.
  • Hampers sleep greatly and causes many health problems.
  • Kids become dependent to mental stimulations and lack physical development.
  • Causes technology addiction and later which may grow into more powerful addictions.

These facts really are very alarming. Many people understand this phenomena and guide their kids properly. But most people take these facts as just light warnings. We fear great global calamities like ice age or tsunami but don’t see the even greater calamity – A world full of depressed, addicted, dependent teen agers. We need to take the warnings into account right now and create a balanced and guided use of technology for the kids. For example parents should know what their child is watching in screen and how much time they are playing a game. Is their physical growth being hampers by excessive use of technology? Are they getting proper human interaction?

The AAP recommends that children below two years to not be exposed to any form of screen activity be it a mobile device, TV or a computer. Children above two should not be exposed for more than two hours per day and they content they view should be well filtered and guided. The truth is that the technology is not a curse if we can use it the right way. Being entirely dependent on technology is always a bad thing. For children it is deadly. And that’s why for the kids above two years a very balanced usage of screen technologies should be allowed.