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20 Easy Ways You Can Contribute To Save the Environment

We keep hearing about environmental pollutions, global warming every day; but very few of us take actions to protect our environment, our planet. Have you ever thought how you can contribute?

Here is a list of 20 ways you can contribute to save the environment:

  • Try to be careful using water, gas and electricity. Make sure you don’t waste water, switch off electric and electronic machines when not necessary and use gas only as little as you need.
  • Consider installing skylights and solar tubes and switching to LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Use air conditioning units as less as possible or consider not using at all because it uses a lot of electricity.
  • From time to time, check for leaks in your home’s gas and water lines and repair as required to ensure no water and gas is wasted.
  • Try to use the products that can be easily recycled and avoid using products that generate a lot of waste. Consider avoiding disposable products.
  • Make a habit of recycling products and using products that are made of recycled materials.
  • Consider buying products from companies that have eco-friendly policies and avoid the ones without any such policies.
  • Try to use less packaging products because different packaging products are the largest contributor to our municipal solid waste stream.
  • Do not waste food. Make sure you cook only as little as you eat. Try conserving the leftover food and eat that in your next meal. This will allow you to keep your personal expenses low at the same time will lessen the pressure of producing more using our natural resources.
  • You can change your transportation habits as well. Consider walking and using bicycle for local trips. Consider using mass transports such as public bus instead of using a private car.
  • Consider making use of rainwater. Rainwater can be used effectively in different purposes.
  • Give a lift to one of your colleagues if you drive alone to your office.
  • Avoid air travel because it generates 3 times more carbon dioxide per passenger than rails.
  • Consider coloring your home’s roofs white to ensure you need less energy to lightening your rooms.
  • Plant trees in your neighborhood as many as you can. Take care of the plants and make your neighborhood animal and wildlife friendly.
  • Join an environmental movement; make people aware of different negative environmental impacts of their activities. Join an environmental movement to make necessary changes to the national and global policies.
  • Teach and encourage your children to conserve natural resources.
  • Try to use less paper because papers are made from trees. Re-use file folders and envelops. Copy or print on both sides of papers.
  • Consider using cloth diapers instead of paper diapers.
  • Try avoiding using electric exercise machines.

These are not so difficult activities and all you need to have is will. Be conscious and contribute from your part and protect our environment and save our planet.