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Everything You Need to Know About the iWatch

With Apple unveiling its widely anticipated smartwatch, there has been so much talk about the iWatch and all the features that it has to offer. You might have been hoping of sporting one in your hand by now, but manufacturing defects have delayed the arrival of the Apple iWatch until early spring. In the mean time, we are here to keep you excited about the Apple iWatch by giving you everything you need to know about the iWatch.

Accurate readings

The Apple iWatch has been designed to work with the iPhone 6 as an extremely efficient health and fitness device. The iWatch is accurate to almost +/- 50ms, irrespective of your location and it also allows you to communicate directly from your wrist. The Activity App keeps a track of your everyday activity while the Workout app shows you real time information about things like distance traveled and calories burned.

Digital Crown

The Apple iWatch features an entirely unique feature known as the Digital Crown. This feature transforms the way you interact by offering you with a chance to interact without obstructing the screen. The iWatch also supports Siri, which automatically enables dictation and smart messages.

Digital Touch

The Digital Touch feature allows you to connect with your friends using a single touch. All you need to do is press the button below the Digital Crown in order to see images of your friends and then use these images to call or message them. There’s a walkie talkie mode as well.

Force Touch

Force Touch refers to a group of tiny electrodes around the display of the iWatch that help the device to recognize differences between pressing and tapping, thereby allowing the use of different gestures. Termed as the Taptic Engine of the iWatch, Forcer Touch is not just about vibrating when you receive notifications, it is also about providing different vibrations for left turns and right turns when you use the Maps app.

Accelerometer and WiFi

The Apple iWatch features an accelerometer which keeps a track of your body movement and it also uses the WiFi and the GPS from your iPhone to keep a track of your distance. The watch features a water-resistant speaker as well.

Charging the Apple iWatch

The Apple iWatch combines inductive charging and MagSafe technologies to give users a perfectly sealed charging unit. Thus, all one needs to do is hold the watch close to the charging connector. The magnets on the connector automatically pull it into place.

Wear and Tear

The Apple iWatch features a custom designed S1 chip. This encapsulates the watch and protects it from the elements, wear and tear and impact damage.

High level of personalization

There are all kinds of watch faces which range from Utility and Timelapse to Mickey Moise, Photo and Astronomy. However, that’s not all that the iWatch promises when it comes to personalization. Apple recently claimed that one can choose from more than 2 million ways to see time using the iWatch. Moreover, the iWatch also offers 6 highly durable, tough and interchangeable straps that are stress resistant and contain magnets for fastening and adjusting the watch.

iWatch Sizes

The Apple iWatch is expected to roll out in two sizes – 38mm and 42mm in three distinct collections – the Apple Watch Collection (silver/ black case made from stainless steel), Apple Watch Sport Collection (60% stronger aluminium case in silver/ space gray colors) and the AppleWatch Edition (made from 18c rose or yellow gold, is has sapphire crystal glass and is twice as hard as gold).