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iPhone 6S Highlights

Every phone lover whether iPhone fanatic or not, gets excited to see a brand new iPhone which looks totally different from the others. Although the level of interest might have died down a bit now that new iPhones are coming every year, but this year apple has really shaken things up. If the look is not enough to impress you then wait till you hear what lies inside. Most notable upgrades include RAM, processor, camera quality and technology of the screen. It brought about a few features that were unheard of in the authority of iPhones. And its dazzling new color is the tip of the iceberg that makes everyone go “Cool”.

Here are a few great things about iPhone 6s:

The built

Those who are looking to upgrade from their iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s are in for a grand treat. The 4.7 inch LCD is the perfect size for a phone and pixels are so dense that they are almost impossible to notice. The screen itself is wider and taller from other “S” editions and still it is easy to use with one hand. It will take care of all your multimedia needs with great ease and comfort. According to many people iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are the most comfortable phones ever. It feels that way mainly because of the lightly curved and brushed aluminum edges. It is so thin that adding a case only raises the level of comfort. And a case is quite useful in this case as they are yet to make an indestructible iPhone. The iPhone 6S comes in a few different colors. Namely gold, rose gold, space gray and white. But rose gold is the color you will choose if you want to show off (Even if just a little bit).

12 megapixel and 4k video

The most fascinating upgrade in iPhone 6S is obviously its camera. It is fitted with an astounding 12 megapixel camera which is 4 megapixels higher than its predecessors. You will be able to take pictures with details never imagined before. Once you have this phone you might miss your SLR lot less then you used to. Shooting 4k video is another reason to get this phone. In that case you will probably want to get the 64 GB model. Another cool feature in iPhone 6 is “Live Photos” which will allow you to record an extra 1.5 second before and after you take a photo. A handy tool for the perfectionists.

Built for iOS 9

You have probably downloaded iOS 9 on your 4S or higher iPhones already. But you probably suffered from number of problems and bugs with the software. Because face it, they are not exactly built to run iOS 9. But the new iPhone 6S is. With this phone you can finally proudly say that you run iOS 9.

3D touch

Another crazy cool feature in iPhone 6S is the “3D touch”. This feature allows you to touch a desired button on your screen a little harder to perform some extra functions. Apple named these interactions “Peek” and “Pop”. Unlike many features in traditional phones 3D touch feels really natural and cool. This function allows you to do things like drawing precisely and adds depth to many other 3D applications.