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iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Highlights

Welcome to a mini-series of highlighting the features of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, beginning with the previously released iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 changed the worldwide Smartphone industry forever. The class of features and technologies it brought into the market is certainly hard to be challenged. The yearlong wish of the iPhone lovers for a bigger and better iPhone has finally come true. If you are someone who is not into iPhones, then here are a few top reasons you would absolutely love the iPhone 6.

The Gigantic Screen

The word “gigantic” does not do justice to the iPhone 6 screen because it’s not just about the size. It’s the attractiveness and charm that comes with it. At 4.7″, iPhone 6 was bigger than the iPhone 5S. It can showcase an astounding 6 rows of applications that were never imagined before because it is one more than that of the 5S and two more than that of the 4S.

The days of grouping all your apps on an awkward folder are long gone because of the amazing big screen of iPhone 6. And gone are the days that you sit squinting at your screen to watch YouTube and Netflix. Not only TV, the big screen of iPhone 6 will probably make reading book with an iBooks app much more enjoyable. With such a large screen you will not have to worry about your thumb not reaching because Apple’s Reachability functions will make everything comfortable for you. The most impressive part is probably that with such a fascinatingly large screen, the device is very handsomely slimmer and lighter than most comparable devices in the market.

Almost an Immortal Battery

Immortal is the first impression that comes to mind when trying to express longevity of the iPhone 6’s battery. Because many just thought that the days of getting away with not remembering to put the phone on charge at night were gone. But with iPhone 6, those days are back like magic. Because the users have claimed that the iPhone 6 can easily squeeze a full two days of usage out of the battery. Its skinny and wide battery is an absolute game changer.

It’s Fast and Will Remain Fast

Smartphones inevitably get slower as the time passes by as new operating systems and software are introduced. Although today’s iOS8 runs perfectly fine on an iPhone 4S, there is no guarantee for how long. But the iPhone 6 can provide just that. Apple guarantees to support the iPhone 6 with appropriate software for the longest time ever.

As you are signing up for a two year contract, you should certainly look at its future aspects. And in that consideration, iPhone 6 is perfect future investment that will remain fast in the foreseeable future.

An Amazing Camera

The whole megapixel race was not the fitting thing to get into for a classy company like the Apple. Instead, they focused more on the quality. The iPhone 6 introduced cameras that are absolutely sophisticated. With much improved image stabilization, the use of focus pixels to speed up auto-focus and exposure settings, these cameras will take your home photography experiences to new heights.

To make things even more interesting, there is also a 240 frames-per-second slow motion function that will allow you to direct the sequels of the movies like Matrix and 300 if you want to.

5 Features Better Than Everything Else

Apple always excels at introducing the best of the bests. When multitasking and running two apps at the same time became a trend, Apple was not just into it. A few years later when Apple finally introduced multitasking, Steve Jobs stated that they were waiting just to introduce a multitasking system that would change the game.

This statement is enough to give you an idea how Apple and iPhone 6 works. Similarly today with iPhone 6, Apple has reached heights it did not set foot on before. And the features and functionalities that were vaguely in the market have been perfected and introduced in the iPhone 6 to make all the other devices feel almost like obsolete.