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Google Android Wear

An Integrated Companion for your Android Phone

You might have come across wearable technologies while surfing the web or visiting stores. There is a lot of hype for them at the moment and tech experts consider wearables to be the next face of smart technology. Google aims to revolutionize this new prospect and stepped in the wearable industry in 2014 by launching Android Wear.

Android Wear is the version of Google’s Android OS which is designed for smartwatches and other wearable technologies. Many big companies have incorporated Android Wear in their smartwatches. No matter which smartwatch you use, the Android Wear experience feels almost the same and can also work with any Android device or iPhone.

The Android Wear smartwatches primarily focus on two areas: telling the time and viewing notifications.

Telling the time is one of the primary purposes of Android Wear devices, but they can offer much more useful and advanced features to you as well. Like regular watches however, Android Wear watches will mostly be used to tell the time.

Having to look at your smartphone every time you get a notification or update can be very frustrating as it wastes time and diverts focus (especially if you are at work). By using an Android Wear smartwatch, you are able to get rid of this problem. You can read all of your WhatsApp messages, Facebook updates, email, and text messages on your Android Wear without having to remove your smartphone from your handbag or pocket.

Android Wear devices do not possess too many physical buttons, which can be a concern for many users. To accommodate this, Android Wear devices typically use a combination of a touch screen and voice commands to handle interactions. Applications, settings, notes, and many more can be accessed by using certain voice commands; touch function can be used if you are not comfortable with using your voice.

There are a variety of functions available to Android Wear users. You can use your smartwatch to play music, control which track is playing and change the volume from the play-control. Alarms, reminders, and notes are other functionalities available to you on your smartwatch.

You can also use Google Fit if you are conscious about your physical activities. It can track your ride or run and monitor your heartbeat and calorie expenditure. Google Maps can be used on Android Wear as well for getting directions. Apart from the applications and functionalities mentioned above, Android Wear has many more applications that can be downloaded.

Most Android Wear devices have Wi-Fi, which means that you do not have to be connected to your mobile handset all the time in order for the device to work. If your mobile is not with you and your smartwatch is connected via Wi-Fi, you will still get notifications.

Are Android Wear devices worth giving a try? With all the above said and keeping in mind the growing demand for wearable technologies, especially Android Wear, it can be concluded that Android Wear has lived up to its promise of revolutionizing the wearable industry and is surely worth giving a try.