CES 2016: “A Goodbye to Cool and Hello to Practical” A description of the entire page

CES 2016

CES 2016:  “A Goodbye to Cool and Hello to Practical”

Earlier this month, more than 170,000 tech lovers from around the world flocked to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, which is currently one of the world’s biggest technology events. The show ran from January 6-9, where more than 4500 tech companies from around the world gathered to impress the crowds with their latest innovations.

The following categories were among those which attracted massive attention:

Smart Cars
Like previous years, the car manufacturers conquered this year’s show. Leading carmakers such as Audi, Ford, Toyota, General Motors, and Chrysler exhibited their futuristic models with flashy features.The new model cars had state-of-the-art power electronics technologies connected with the internet. It dawned during the exhibition that the race for a practical and commercially viable self-driving car has gained real traction – and the technology seems to be arriving sooner than we may be expecting.

One of the highlights of the conference was this revelation made by experts that gone are the days when the drones were exclusively used for defense and spying purposes. This year, almost all the largest technology companies around the world such as Hexo, Fleye, and Mota unveiled their own versions for the tech-crazy community.  The latest technology drones presented in the show were equipped with technology that would help them to automatically follow the target and shoot video simultaneously.

Trackimo, a Canadian firm, presented a small GPS tracking device in the technology category. The device is equipped with a robust tracker to keep a tab on people anywhere in the world!

Like previous years, TVs were a major attraction at CES 2016.  All major television manufacturers such as Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony were seen trying to beat their competition with their latest range of Ultra HD, curved screens, and rollable TVs.

Other major categories that pulled large crowds included Robotics, Wearable tech, and Virtual Reality. CES has given new meanings to consumer technology.  Gary Shapiro, the event’s organizer, has put it succinctly: “Every CES is fresh and different, and we try to see what the future will bring[1]”. This year’s CES is indeed fresh and laden with innovations that are not only cool but also aimed at practically improving our lives.

To sum it up, John Curran, an Accenture analyst has provided us with the major trend that the tech industry is following right now, by stating that this year, people should “say goodbye to cool and say hello to practical[2]”.


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